In today’s highly competitive business environment,
more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to
franchise instead of facing the many risks of
starting their own business.

Franchised businesses show over a 90% success
rate as opposed to only 18% for independents,
according to United States Department of
Commerce statistics.

Recent studies reveal that franchising is a proven
strategy for successfully penetrating, developing,
dominating and achieving a disproportionately
large market share.

The key is most established and successful
enterprises, such as John Robert Powers, offer
their franchisees a proven formula for success.
This formula, combined with the franchisees hard
work, commitment and initiative to adapt to
his or her local business environment, can be
extremely profitable.

A John Robert Powers franchise is a sound investment for those who are ready to own and operate their own business. Getting started is easy. Simply call us to arrange a personal interview.

When we meet, we will give you the Disclosure
Statement or Uniform Offering Circular required by law, along with the John Robert Powers Franchise Agreement. We want and encourage you to study and review these documents with your attorney and other counselors before making your commitment.

Once you have purchased a franchise for your area, you will need additional capital for the equipment used in the school, advertising and payroll. As each operation varies in size, we will go into more detail on the capital requirements in your personal interview.

After the Franchise Agreement is signed, payment of the Franchise Fee insures the territory defined in the Agreement as yours to build. The JRP Corporate Headquarters in Beverly Hills will work with you to ensure your Grand Opening is a success.

Excitement. Enjoyment. Profitability. They can all be yours with a John Robert Powers franchise.
Go for your dream by helping others reach theirs.

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